Your source for purchase or lease of the new Twin Otter 400

The Twin Otter DHC6-400 is the most versatile STOL twin turboprop aircraft being built today. Whether on wheels, floats or skis, the Twin Otter can land anywhere you need to go. With over 50 years of proven safety, reliability, and manufacturer support, the Twin Otter is your best choice for 19 passenger STOL missions.

CAVU Aviation Finance LLC, through its subsidiary Loch Ard Otters LLC, was the original launch customer and preferred leasing partner of Viking Air Ltd., the manufacturer of the new Twin Otter 400. We continue to be the largest Twin Otter 400 customer with fourteen aircraft on order or delivered. We have delivery positions in early 2018 and beyond.

Our mission is to provide custom solutions for current and prospective Twin Otter 400 operators. With our proprietary delivery positions we can offer our customers new deliveries of Twin Otter 400s built to their exact specifications. We offer our aircraft positions for sale and long-term dry lease. CAVU Aviation Finance LLC is a leader in developing innovative aviation leasing and finance solutions to customers worldwide.

We welcome your interest in the Twin Otter 400 and look forward to your inquiry.